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Private luxury stay

An exclusive stay in a small private Scottish retreat where you will experience a truly unique and luxurious wellness experience, designed for those and only those who honour tradition, know the true value of life and approach life with love, humility and awareness at all times. Our exceptional wellness was born out of these values, and we want to share it with you, provided that you too enjoy it as if it were your own, and with care that will guarantee its longevity and many experiences not only for you, but also for others who share the same values and enjoy moments that cannot be experienced elsewhere.

Traditional Victorian accommodation, Scottish cosiness and hospitality complemented by a luxurious and cutting edge spa can only be truly enjoyed if you are able and willing to transport yourself to the second half of the nineteenth century. On arrival, you will be dressed in our finely designed and handmade robes and slippers that will keep you warm and cuddly throughout your journey through time and exploration of Scotland. The beautiful and warm robes will serve you beautifully not only in the spa, but also on the outdoor terrace or as casual wear for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Know that even in front of a blazing fire with a glass of exceptionally good drink and a cigar, you won't want to leave your dressing gown behind.

We recognise social conventions here, following the example of Jiří Stanislav Guth-Jarkovský, and that is why we are happy to welcome guests who can appreciate this.

Selfsmall Scotland is nothing like other spas or hotels, which is why we'd love you to experience something special with us, in addition to your private spa accommodation.

Stay packages

Small Scotland
Price: 9.900 CZK
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Luxury Scotland
Price: 13.900 CZK
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Luxury Scotland + V.I.P.
Price on agreement
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We have taken a very unconventional approach to lunches, as their preparation is identical to the lunches we cook for ourselves. However, that doesn't mean that we take them away or cook them in a style other than the Scottish style. They cannot be chosen in advance, however, but each time at breakfast the type of lunch will be specified by the wellness staff for your possible order.

Breakfast is always served in the dining area by the fireplace at 9:00 am. Lunch can be taken at 01:00 p.m. also in the dining area.

Dinners are served at 7:00 p.m. in front of a blazing fireplace with beautiful music that will make you
that unique Scottish comfort.

Every romantic dinner deserves a great aperitif in the form of a creamy port wine to replace some of our recommended old wines, and for a digestif you will be transported to The Macallan, an old Scottish distillery, to enjoy the unique taste of whisky.

If you prefer champagne, then know that our selection is truly refined and we will offer you the best from small French winemakers.

But did you know that sparkling wine does not originate in France, but in England? In 1662, the English scientist Christopher Merret described the production of sparkling wine, thanks to the glass bottle, which was a novelty but allowed the wines to age in it. Would you like to taste sparkling wine (you can't call it champagne) from England, which is still made using the same method today? Only in our little private Scotland do you have the chance and the opportunity!

For the true gourmands or connoisseurs of the finest delicacies, we can offer you our imported Beluga caviar served on ice with a traditional twin to accompany the fantastic sparkling wines.

An unbridled fairytale world that will enchant you.

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