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Our story

It was simple and uplifting - we decided to build ourselves what we had been searching for for years but hadn't found.

The wellness we have built over a period of almost four years is a reflection of our own desires, aspirations and lust that we have not been able to find anywhere in Europe.

Self-small Scotland - LUXURY WELLNESS is the epitome of refinement, elegance and elements from Queen Victoria's time (1837-1901), enhanced by open fireplaces, whirlpool baths and a Finnish sauna overlooking beautiful pastures. A refined eye for detail in Scottish beauty gives the whole spa an exceptional feel, as well as an unforgettable sense of the warmth of home with exclusively Scottish gourmet traditional specialities or wines from the finest European vineyards. Of course, there's old single malt Scotch whisky, old port wine and fine Ashton cigars, which originated in old England.

Yes, the story of our family wellness began when my wife and I felt that it was impossible to find a place to relax where we could feel at home (in Scotland) while enjoying luxuries completely unseen but natural to relaxation.

The dream has become a reality and Self small Scotland is here for anyone who feels the desire to experience what they have not yet experienced in the spirit of Scotland, because by opening the front door you really do enter it, and only when you leave will you be thinking "already, to be back in Scotland".

Our lovingly built piece of Scotland brings you the opportunity to enjoy fabulous whirlpool baths, Finnish and steam saunas. From all areas of the spa, you can watch the fire blaze in the stone fireplace, whose frame dates back to 1877 and was imported straight from the heart of the Scottish Highlands. You can relax on the outdoor open and completely private terrace or in the Victorian bed, which is set in the living area next to the freestanding period bath and surrounded by old wood or wallpaper the colour of the family tartan.

The interior and exterior of the entire spa is built to the recommendations of Scottish architects whose expertise stems from history and surviving period buildings.


Private luxury stay

Our types of stays and services are designed into several special packages. It is up to you which package you choose, or whether you want an absolutely bespoke service.

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Bespoke experiences

Do you want to experience the true Scottish experience? We'll tailor your high tea, your anniversary, your jubilee etc to give you the opportunity to experience the real Scotland.



Experiential gastronomy

All meals are prepared without compromise using traditional methods and the maximum available ingredients to give your taste buds a taste of all that Scottish peasants, Scottish aristocrats and high society alike enjoy.

An unbridled fairytale world that will enchant you.

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